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Whether you are investing or relocating, or retiring we have the local expertise and resources to help you find the perfect Philippine real estate property of your preference for your residential, commercial, and industrial use.

We’ll listen and pay attention to your needs so that we can successfully accomplish your Philippine real estate property ownership goals.
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Our Property Professionals will help you achieve new levels of success. Land Asia tracks more than 1 million properties with over 500,000 residential, commercial and industrial properties for sale listings all over the Philippines, allowing you to find exactly the right space to satisfy our buyers and clients Tap into the nation’s number-one source for timely and accurate sales comps. Our, make it easy for you to capitalize on the very latest residential, commercial and industrial real estate for sale information in thePhilippines. View our listings, and discover the many ways Land Asia empowers you with the competitive edge through greater knowledge and sharper resources.

You’ll find the extensive benefits of our services and property line for sale, outlined in three sections:

Believe It. Discover how to put the industry’s most comprehensive residential and commercial real estate sales database to work for you. Land Asia makes it easy to turn leads into sales at buyer’s convenience.

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