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Condo for sale located at Lahug, Cebu City


In life we’ve been imagined and dreamt. And one of our priorities is our children’s. Having a better lifestyle that can support the needs of our children and make them comfortable while staying in a place where we can call “There’s no place like home”.

We’ve been dreaming to give a hand to help you in building your dream house, redesign and giving you a best amenities while having your office.

We have prepared a condo unit here in Cebu City just for you!

AVENIR Office Lahug is the future. Offering a solutions you’ve never know in today’s competitive market, breaking the pattern of traditional market offerings. Adaptable Living Space. Transform your office into your home with ease. Perfectly balance your professional success with a lifestyle that demands adaptability.

AVENIR gives you the option to purchase office spaces and residential units based on what you need – giving you freedom from wholesale-purchase restrictions, allowing you to grow at your own pace.

Needs are essential to businesses and/or people due to its resources are limited and we cannot able to use it for ever. Business people for instance need a place to start a smart business and he/she needs a place where IT people that are increasing in number can join and be able to give their employee as the best way they can.

AVENIR a condo unit for sale locate at Cebu, Philippines is the appropriate answer for the answer of business people around the globe.

It offers security and accommodation to people who want to stay in AVENIR.


This Condo Unit has Studio Unit that gives 25.20 sq.m. floor area where you can bring out the best of your artistic abilities. With a portal unit measure 198.10 sq.m., corner unit which ranges 35.10 – 60.30 sq.m. floor area and a terrace unit where you can spend your leisure time with your family, relatives, friends or even with your special someone. And witness the beauty and lights of Cebu City.


A Condo Unit with a place for the business affair gets together and security, convenient and even for your body fitness. Check it out!

Avenir Office Lahug brings it all to you. A business lounge, virtual office, conference room plus a roof deck with lounge for your appointments with your co- workers.

A walking distance fitness gym, no worries! Rooftop fitness gym is just a steps, this condo unit has preparing just for you! For security trust us, 24 hour security with CCTV and fire alarm. And in case of a brownout be steady, we have five high-speed generators and has a high parking ratio.

Condo for sale that is located at Lahug, Cebu City

Having a condo unit would let other people think that you are above poverty line state of life.Having a luxurious design would let other people think that you are having a big a salary in your work. We’re offering a condominium for sale!

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Address: Lahug, Cebu City
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