Project description

Condo for sale located at Guadalupe, Cebu City

Elegant. Serene. Affordable. Cozy.

A place in the city, under the tropical sun and strategically located near malls, medical institutions, religious places, the provincial government and its allied offices, the Security and Exchange Commission building for business licenses and transactions, and many more.

It is a hub – a haven – to those who prefer to live a life where wonderful people thrive.

It is Corinthian Residences. A name. A byword. And a beautiful place for living.

About Corinthian

Corinthian is derived from the people of corinth which is located near the country greece. According to Oxford Dictionaries, it is “Relating to or denoting the lightest and most ornate of the classical orders of architecture (used especially by the Romans), characterized by flared capitals with rows of acanthus leaves.” Which tells of the architectural design used by the people making the building design.


The corinthian residence has a ground floor parking area that is intended for occupants of the building with 24/7 security system for your safety and comfort inside the building. It has two hi-speed elevator which enables busy people to get to their unit immediately.

The building has fire alarm system which detects fire with sprinklers to respond initially to the fire before the firefighter responds. When the electricity goes out, there will be a 100% back-up generator that will compensate the loss of electricity due to numerous cause of brownouts.

There are individual mailboxes provided for each unit and a garbage chutes in every floor with its gymnasium for sports enthusiast. The corinthian residence provide aircorn, telephone and Cable Connected Television for every unit with its elegant lobby and reception counter for people who wants to acquire information regarding to the building. The building has function room provided for general assembly and a swimming pool for people who wants to relax and have a good with luxurious time to their leisure time with their family.

Available Units

The Corinthian Residences

Address: Guadalupe, Cebu City
Total Land Area:
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