• Property Type
  • Condo, One Bedroom
  • 60
  • sqm

Condo for sale located at Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

Located at the heart of Cebu City’s business hub, AVALON condo housed in a high-rise building, not only offers scenic atmosphere and beauty to its occupants – but a place fit by people in business.

Besides, the AVALON, is also a few minutes-walk to one of Cebu City’s popular mall – the Ayala Center – a place where people in the upper strata shop, dine and spend their happy moments.

Rising 21-storeys high, owning an Avalon condo is an investment one can never imagine. Right choice of condos like ours offers high resale value, higher rental rates and even doubling its price couple of years from purchase.

It is a real investment! It’s classy. Affordable. Cozy. Elegant. You name it, the Avalon condo is for a lifetime investment. It spells the difference.

The Avalon is the dream of people who intends to merge business and pleasure. It is profitable. It is a ‘paradise’ in itself located in an area where lifestyle is at its best. Avalon is a Cebu condo for sale it is near Ayala.

Avalon, historically speaking, is derived from the mythical legend of King Arthur story. It is a place where only members of the royal families live.

One has the opportunity to live in one of our royalty-designed condos, a historic undertaking — a memorable one!

Live here. One can never regret it living in Avalon condos for it is strategically located in a place where people’s needs are found in place.

The Avalon is in a place where business and economics are at its best. The resale value of the property is considered high and therefore, profit yielding.

Why choose Avalon?
Its return on investments are high, the place is beautiful and strategically located to satisfy one’s need for a comfortable and happy living.

In Cebu City, the place Avalon is located, is populated by almost 2-million people that thrives on a very progressive urban center.

The place is the capital of the business in the region and is expected to grow in the coming years.

A place where lots of people abound is a place ideally fit for business, pleasure and work. Thus, Avalon is rightly constructed in the heart where people abound.

The place has with it stunning amenities fit for everyone’s dream. It offers a swimming pool for children and adults carefully designed to satisfy one’s lust for cool waters. A day-care center is also provided to meet the educational needs of children – the backbone of higher academic needs of young ones.

Our parking lots are spacious and beautiful. The rooms are carefully designed for your comfort and each floor level mean rising to the top, nearing ‘heaven.’

That is the Avalon, the place for’ kings and queens.’

We enjoying anybody to visit the place and see for yourself the beauty we talk in here. Magically, you will realize seeing the best we can offer to people whose desire is living with pleasure.

Be one of the many who live with us in an atmosphere of health, business and pleasure. It is for the beautiful you, the one and only you, from us.

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In Philippines, if you own a condo unit you are actually in a best place and in a comfortable one, because most of the people living in the country is actually living in a noisy place like informal settlers. The country itself can accumulately make ordinary people from other places rich in this country.

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Floor area: 60 sqm.
1 Bedrooms
1 Toilet and Bath
Price: PHP 7,200,000.00
Note: Price may change without prior notice.

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