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Condo for sale located at Canduman, Mandaue City

About Eagle’s Nest

A place to go for people like you. A place strategically located to reach two cities in two major routes, Canduman in Mandaue, is where the Eagle’s Nest is located.

It is within an educational institution – one of Cebu’s top schools – University of San Carlos High School and the Ateneo de Cebu – a place for study, an academe. Right for the family with children to study and learn their formative years. Good atmosphere. Good location. One of the best in terms of education and a learning institution to Students. A few minutes drive to the nearest mall in two cities.

It is Eagle’s Nest Condo, the place where you should go. Near malls, coffee shops, restaurants, sports facilities, spa and even beauty studios – an ideal place to call it a home. Live your happy moments with your family as well and invest in Cebu.

Eagle’s Nest is not literally a nest where eagles rest but it is more derived from the word eagle’s nest due to instances where you can call it a home. A home which you cannot exchange from other homes like eagles do to their homes. A condominium constructed for those who wants to relax during their leisure time of life.


It has 24/7 security provided for your safety and a generator back-up when electricity goes out. The facility itself has security cameras to monitor every people and for you to be comfortable in the condo unit you live in. The building can detect fire and alarms when needed with its sprinklers connected to the system and has fire exits provided. There is available receptionist when one ask for information regarding the building and its occupants. There is a space provided in the building where one be able to park his or her car and has three elevators provided for customer to make lesser time to go to the unit at his or her own risk.

It is an ISO-Certified Property that is standard in various kinds of architectural and building design for people who needs the unit with accessibility to commercial stores: Laundry Shop, Convenient Stores, Food Court and many more.

Beauty in Living

The significance of living is to experience luxurious with satisfaction in the essence of making life more easier where one can be able to live a life with extreme pleasure and happiness.

The life lived is the life that needs to be taking care of, for the things that need to go straight along with joy in the heart. The purpose in living is to live with gratefulness which satisfies oneself to inspire and encourage others with simplicity in the most cebu best property located in the “Queen City of the South”.


Basic or Furnished
Finished Walks and floor
Kitchen sink and counter top
Tiled Toilet and bath with bathroom fixtures
Basic: 2,800,000 pesos
Furnished: 2,800,000 pesos
Note: Price may change without prior notice.


*Spot Cash
100% of Total Selling Price within
7 days = 8% discount on TSP
30 days = 7% discount on TSP
60 days = 6% discount on TSP
90 days =5% discount on TSP
*Spot Downpayment
50% of Downpayment = 6% discount on DP
40% of Downpayment = 5% discount on DP
30% of Downpayment = 4% discount on DP
*Deferred Cash
100% of Total Selling Price equally 30 months to pay without interest
= 100% Total selling price spread equally over 18 months without interest; 3% discount on TSP
*Easy Downpayment Equity
20% or 30% downpayment – spread over 24 months without interest
80% or 70% balance thru Bank
( can also be financed by Pag-ibig lon or in-house financing at 10 to 12% per annum, maximum of 10 years term)

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